Hello Pretties!

Just wanted to share a little of my family day at the California State Fair.  The temperature was 86 during the day, which was perfect, but to our surprise it began to rain in the evening and I must say it was so refreshing and did not stop us from having fun at all! It was a cool way to relax outdoors with my family and take in some great food and fun! 

Hope you enjoy!  :)

 The color of the sky was beautiful as the sun was setting over the rides.

My daughter and her best friend on one of their favorite rides.

The amazing fried food you must try at the fair!

My favorite- "Funnel Cake"

It was raining on us like crazy, but we still had fun!

My Julia taking a pic with a cute little monkey.

Beautiful sunset.

 Me and my Love.

Rainbow after the rain.

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  1. Aww! That looks like so much fun and that food looks delish! Love fair time! Our fair comes in October but we always have a blast!

    1. We had such a blast even with the rain, and the food sure was delicious! I would love it if our fair was in October because the weather would be cooler. Ours being in July sometimes it gets a little too hot to be out in the sun all day. My favorite time is the evenings at the fair because it cools down and all the lights on the rides are so pretty! Hope you have fun in October when your fair arrives!
      xo, Gina